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$2.3 billion TransCanada Gulf Coast oil pipeline project approved

Gulf Coast to connect Cushing, OK, to Nederland, TX.

TransCanada will build and operate the Gulf Coast oil pipeline project to connect Cushing, Oklahoma to Nederland in Texas.

This crude oil pipeline is 780 km (485 miles) long and 36 inch large to transport 700,000 b/d of crude oil.

This capacity may be expanded to 830,000 b/d in the future.

TransCanada budgeted the capital expenditure of the Gulf Coast pipeline to $2.3 billion.

Over the last years the oil production in Oklahoma, Montana, North Dakota and Texas increased significantly to the point to saturate the existing pipelines infrastructures and limit access to refineries and market places.

In that respect the Gulf Coast pipeline intends to connect the world largest storage facilities in Cushing in the center of Oklahoma to the Gulf Coast in Nederland, Texas where are located all the biggest refineries and most active market places.

TransCanada received all the permits from the Districts of  Galveston, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Then the US Army Corp and Engineers gave the final clearance for the US Administration.

TransCanada will start the work immediately which will mobilize 4000 people.

TransCanada expects the construction of the Gulf Coast to be completed at the end of 2013.

TransCanada put safety first on Gulf Coast pipeline

This TransCanada Gulf Coast project is a spin-off project of the Keystone XL project which is to complete the connection North to South from Alberta, Canada to the Gulf Coast,USA through the Nebraska.

The master piece of the Keystone XL project is a 1900 km long pipeline to connect Alberta, Canada to Nebraska, USA and to require $5.3 billion capital expenditure.

But this part is still under the examination of the US administration because of environmental concern and political reasons (Should USA import Canadian oil?).

To be approved, the TransCanada Gulf Coast pipeline had also to comply with very strict environmental requirements on the top of which TransCanada took the initiative to add safety and control equipment to minimize all risks:

 – Additional data sensors and emergency shut-off valves

 – Remote control operations of the shut-off valves

 – Ability to shut down and isolate any portion of the pipeline at any time

 – Extensive and frequent inspections

All together TransCanada initiated 57 measures on the top of the requirements of the US Administration to ensure the safe and environmental friendly operations of the Gulf Coast pipeline.

With the Gulf Coast pipeline, TransCanada is aiming at restoring the image of the impact of the pipeline in the environment to establish the benchmark of the good practice in North America for the other giant pipeline projects to come, such as Keystone XL project or the C$4 billlion Coastal Gas link project in Canada for Shell. 

For more information and data about oil and gas and petrochemical projects go to Project Smart Explorer

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  1. Who is the safety consulting firm that is working the line

    • Thank you for contacting us. We do not have this information at this moment, but take note of your question and we’ll let you know when we collect any input about this topic.

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