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We Facilitate Digital Transition in Energy Sector

Energy Expertise

While scientists are working on the energy transition, the  Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industry needs to spend more than $500 billion capital expenditures (CAPEX) per year to maintain the world economy. In this context, 2B1st Consulting is proposing digital applications to speed up the business development and to facilitate collaborative innovation in the energy sector. Combining digital tools with experts from the energy industry our solutions enhance agility in business development and facilitate collaborative innovation among the key players of the value chain.

 Industrie 4.0 Expertise 

The best expertise is worthless if not shared. Since 2012 we explore the most advanced digital technologies such as Industrie 4.0 to share our energy expertise with our clients to “See Beyond, Move First”. Our success relies on three pillars Business modelCompetence developmentProcesses and Tools to provide your teams with the required agility to play proactive and collaborative in Industrie 4.0 environment.

See Beyond

pse Since 2012, our projects pursuit tool www.projectsmartexplorer.com has become the reference for all the large, mid and small companies of the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industry to identify the best routes to market and boost their business development in a complex environment. In a context of market shift from the IOCs to the NOCs and Independents, requiring more agility from the marketing and sales organizations, www.projectsmartexplorer.com imposed itself as the mandatory tool to “See Beyond” and play pro-active in projects pursuit.

Move First

logo_industrie-4-0-smart-platform-sans_baseline-hd Since 2014, our digital experts work to adapt Industrie 4.0 concepts from the manufacturing industry into the process industry addressing all the barriers of intellectual properties, data management, risk reduction and value creation. In a context where most of the companies struggle to implement digitization in practice, our collaborative tool branded as “Industrie 4.0 Smart Platform” can facilitate your digital transition to “Move First” along a simple and secured path toward tangible value creation in business development and collaborative innovation.

Our Goal: Speed up and secure your growth in energy sector thru the digitization


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