About Us

We simplify you the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical market conquest


The  Oil & Gas and Petrochemical market is huge, more than $500 billion capital expenditures (CAPEX) per year. 

In this context, 2B1st Consulting is mobilizing experts from the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industry together with communication specialists to provide a comprehensive view of this market and make it easy to win for all the key players involved in the supply chain. 

 Simple Methodology 

Benefiting from years of successful experiences in niche conquest as well as on global markets, our unique methodology relies on three pillars: Business modelCompetence developmentProcesses and Tools. Simple to adapt and easy to implement, this cost efficient approach guaranties your teams to play proactive and take the lead. 


Consistent Deliverables

 Tracing business opportunities is a daily and costly challenge where only best-organized teams have a chance.  

Our methodology is simple and proven as based on two steps: 

Share information with most advanced technologies to: “See beyond …” 

Build an effective Market Leadership to: “…Move first”. 


Our goal: To help you to build your Market Leadership 

In conclusion, 2B1st Consulting aims at supporting the key players of the  Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industry 

to be First to Detect, First to Trace, First to Capture opportunities, 

and therefore to become a sustainable and profitable market leader.




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