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Comision Federal de Electricidad to pipe Texas shale gas to Mexico

CFE tenders gas pipelines from Waha-USA to Mexico

2B1st_Project_Smart_Explorer_Sales_Pursuit_ToolThe state-owned Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) is tendering series of pipelines and power plants to import shale gas from the Waha hub in Texas, USA, to Mexico in order to meet the growing demand of the local market and to supply electrical utilities.

The new Constitution is breaking the monopoly of the energy market in Mexico for the oil and gas exploration production as well as for the transportation, distribution and the generation of electrical power.

CFE_Waha_Texas_Mexico_Gas-Pipeline_Project_MapIn that respect Mexico Energy Reform opens rights to CFE, to call for tender privately-owned companies to import and distribute natural gas from the US shale gas basins into Mexico.

Mexico holds significant oil and gas resources offshore and onshore, but the previous monoply prevented the national oil company (NOC) Pemex to develop these fields with the convenient technology on time to compensate the depletion of the maturing reserves.

Therefore in the meantime Pemex manages to explore and set in production these new oil and gas reserves with the support of foreign companies, Mexico needs to import gas from USA to meet its domestic consumption.

As a first step Mexico CFE is tendering the two gas pipelines from the Waha Shale Gas Basin in the center of Texas to San Elizario on the utmost east border with Mexico and to Presidio on the south border with Mexico.

The CFE Waha to San Elizario pipeline should have a capacity of 1,475 million cubic feet per day (cf/d) of natural gas along 360 kilometers.

The CFE Waha to Presidio pipeline should be a bit smaller with 1,350 million cf/d capacity through 232 kilometers.

CFE calls for bid Norte III and Guaymas II power plants

In Mexico the Waha – San Elizario section will be connected to the 23 kilometers San Isidro to Samalayuca pipeline project to cross the US border from Texas to Mexico State of Chihuahua where it will feed the gas-fired combined cycle Norte III power plant.

Located 30 kilometers south of Ciudad Suarez, this Central North Combined Cycle III power plant will have a capacity of 928 MW.

CFE_Mexico_Norte-III_and_Guaymas_PowerPlants_ProjectOn further northwestern Sonora State of Mexico, CFE is also planning to build the gas-fired combined cycle Guaymas II power plant.

This Sonora Guaymas II power plant should have a capacity of 714 MW.

In parallel, the Waha – San Elizario pipeline will run south across the Chihuahua State of Mexico with the Ojinaga, at the US border down to El Encino gas pipeline project.

Then this pipeline will be extended by a 423 kilometers section from El Encino to La laguna in State of Durango on western Mexico.

On the other route the Waha to Presidio pipeline will be plugged in the 432 kilometers Huasteca, at the US border, to Monterrey gas pipeline project.

These CFE Waha to La Laguna and Waha to Monterrey gas pipelines import projects from USA to Mexico come into competition with the Pemex Los Ramones Gas pipelines to also carry Texas shale gas into Mexico.

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  1. Mexico has shale gas reserves in the borders with the US , why won’t this be utilized , rather than pipe US gas 1000s KM .

    Mexico needs help in directing its energy resources badly

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