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Definition:  The acronym “EPCM” stands for “Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management”. It may also be called “EPCS” for “Engineering, Procurement and Construction Services” or “PMS” for “Project Management Services”. As expressed clearly in the “PMS” definition, the “EPCM” refers to very different role from the “EPC” where the engineering company having the “EPCM” contract, supports the End Users in supervising the good execution of the project by the “EPC” companies.

Comment:  An “EPCM” contract is solely a service contract, by contrast with the “EPC” contract. It may be seen as an interface between the End User and the “EPC” companies, but it takes a major importance in case of multiple “EPC” involved in the same complex project and calling for a close co-ordination. In some case the engineering company nominated as “EPCM” may also act as “EPC”, but those roles will run according to different contracts.

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