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Husky and Suncor completed Canada White Rose Platform design

Husky adopts concrete gravity platform for WREP

The Calgary-based Husky Oil Operations Limited (Husky) and its partners, Suncor Energy Inc. (Suncor), also from Calgary, and Nalcor Energy (Nalcor) from Newfoundland and Labrador, completed the design for the White Rose Expansion Project (WREP) offshore the Newfoundland and Labrador Province on the Canada east Coast.

Close to the famous ExxonMobil Hebron project, the White Rose oil field belongs to the Jeanne d’Arc Basin 350 kilometers east from St John’s on the Atlantic coast of the Newfoundland and Labrador Province.

Lying by only 120 meters of water depth, White Rose started to deliver the first oil in 2005.

Husky-Suncor-Nalcor_White-Rose-Expansion-Platform_MapIn 2006, Husky and Suncor developed White Rose with excavated subsea drill centers and flowlines connected to the SeaRose floating, production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel.

In 2007, this development was extended to the neighboring North Amethyst and other field giving the opportunity to the local Nalcor to enter the joint venture.

As a result, Husky and his partners are sharing the working interests in White Rose in such a way:

 – Husky 68.875% is the operator

 – Suncor 26.125%

 – Nalcor 5% 

Since 2010, Husky and its partners have been proceeding to multiple expansion with tie-back to the SeaRose FPSO, all subsea.

With the White Rose Expansion Project, Husky and its partners, Suncor and Nalcor, prepared to take a leap in adding a concrete gravity structure (CGS) to support series of drilling and production wellheads.

Husky to up-size WREP concrete gravity structure

Husky has planned to install the White Rose wellhead platform 3 kilometers northwest of the SeaRose FPSO current position.

The construction of a concrete gravity structure requires to accommodate a dedicated shipyard in a location as close as possible from the field in order to limit the towing costs.

Husky-Suncor-Nalcor_White-Rose-Expansion-Platform_Concrete-Gravity-StructureIn that respect Husky selected Argentia in Newfoundland to build a graving dock along the Placentia Bay on the south of the Avalon Peninsula.

This graving dock has been designed with a 20 meters depth below sea level in order to enable the CGS to float after construction for towing it out.

After contracting Arup for the design of the White Rose Expansion Project structure, the CGS ended up with 50,000 tonnes of concrete to support 14,500 tonnes for the topsides

As the concrete gravity structure needs to be ballasted down on the seabed, the topsides can only be installed on the CGS after the ballasting operation, thus requires among the most powerful offshore heavy lift floating units.

After booking more powerful than expected heavy lift vessel, Husky has decided to revise upward the design of the wellhead platform in order to increase capabilities.

Even if this new design should delay the WREP by one year, Husky and its partners, Suncor and Nalcor, are now expecting to increase the topsides to 23,000 tonnes and the concrete gravity structure to 70,000 tonnes in order to boost the performances of the White Rose Expansion Project wellhead platform.

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