Industrie 4.0 Smart Platform

We deploy Industrie 4.0 Smart Platform into Oil & Gas and Petrochemical

Digitalization Introduction

logo_industrie-4-0-smart-platform-sans_baseline-hdOver the last years developed countries realized that no economical growth could be sustainable without a solid industry.

To relocate the industrial activities back home, developed countries identified the digitalization as a potential solution.
Purpose is to mobilize Internet of Things (IoTs) technologies to invent the most competitive industry in the world.

From this generic concept, some developed countries are currently mobilizing their local champions around ambitious programs.

Originated to boost the manufacturing industry, 2B1st Consulting is proud to be the first company to propose solutions to deploy Digitalization concepts into the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industry with the Industrie 4.0 Smart Platform.

Client is King

Digitalization enables to locate the customer again at center of the manufacturing process.

Future-of-Manufacturing_Client-is-KingInstead of calling the vendors about their capabilities to supply a product as today, Digitalization provides the client with the opportunity to question all the potential actors of the supply chain in the same time.

Receiving this demand from the client, all the potential actors have the opportunity to interact together in order to propose the optimized solution in term of prices, performances and delivery time.

Meanwhile all the players in the supply chain benefit from a market higher visibility to anticipate and invest.

Digitalization Global Benchmark

 In order to develop the most advanced solutions to deploy IoTs values, 2B1st Consulting carried out an extensive benchmark of the Digitalization programs initiated in the most advanced countries such as:

Future_of_Manufacturing_Industrie-4.0_Creative-Economy_Usine-du-Futur_Industry-Renaissance – China – Smart Automation 2.0 –

 – France – Industrie du Futur –

 – Germany – Industrie 4.0 –

 – India – Make in India

 – Japan – Abenomics – 

 – South Korea – Creative Economy – 

 – USA – Industry Renaissance –

 – UK – Future of Manufacturing – 

Digitalization into Oil & Gas and Petrochemical 

Combining its experience in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industry with the lessons learnt from the most advanced Internet of Things programs in different countries, 2B1st Consulting selected the German concept Industrie 4.0 as develop digital solutions for the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industry.

Industrie 4.0 Key Values

Future-of-Manufacturing_Key-ValuesIn the manufacturing industry, Industrie 4.0 key values are concentrated around

 – Efficiency

 – Time-to-Market

 – Flexibility

In process industries such as the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical, the Industrie 4.0 key values will instead be focusing on

 – Reliability – Availability – Maintainability – Safety (RAMS)

 – Market Acceptance

 – Capital Intensity

2B1st Consulting Industrie 4.0 Expertise

Based on these Industrie 4.0 key values dedicated to the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industry, 2B1st Consulting mobilized a team of experts to develop the most advanced and simple solutions to adapt these key values and implement the corresponding processes into the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industry.

Typically this team of experts combined years of experience in the global market about

 – Manufacturing and Collaborative Processes

 – Industry Digitalization and Innovation

 – Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industry

2B1st Consulting Industrie 4.0 Solutions

Future-of-Manufacturing_Digital-Engineering-Platform_Into_Oil&Gas-Petrochemical_IndustryFrom its multi-sources expertise, 2B1st Consulting developed easy-to-use Collaborative Platform called “Industrie 4.0 Smart Platform

The purpose of this Industrie 4.0 Smart Platform is to support all the processes related to

 – Reduce projects costs and lead times

 – Facilitate Go-to-Market together 

 – Optimize Packaging offers

 – Develop local content solutions

 – Help collaborative innovation or R&D

Designed to run as an internet application the Industrie 4.0 Smart Platform is to provide you with the tool and processes to work in collaborative mode with other companies to create value together while protecting or monetizing your own expertise.

Industrie 4.0 Smart Platform

The First Smart Collaborative Tool Dedicated to Oil & Gas and Petrochemical


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