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Noble awards Tamar FLNG FEED contract to Pangea LNG

Noble to install first Floating LNG in Mediterranean Sea

Noble Energy (Noble) and its partners, awarded the front end engineering and design (FEED) contract to Pangea LNG B.V. for a floating production unit of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to be installed on the Tamar gas field, 90 kilometers offshore Israel.

Operated by Noble, the Tamar gas field is shared between:

 – Noble 36%

 – Isramco Negev 28.75%

 – Delek Group 31.25% through

             – Delek Drilling 15.625%

             – Avner Oil Exploration 15.625%

 – Dor Gas Exploration 4%

Discovered in 2009, Tamar first development was implemented on fast track as to guaranty Israel natural gas energy independence.

With 8.4 trillion cubic feet (tcf) recoverable natural gas reserves, this Tamar first phase was designed around offshore platform and 30-inch subsea export gas pipeline to supply the onshore import terminal located at Ashdod on Israel coast line.

The exploration started in Tamar with drilling operations on early 2011 and first production is due to commence on first quarter 2013.

With 1.0 billion cf/d processing capacity of natural gas this first phase required Noble and its partners to invest $3 billion capital expenditure.

Tamar and its adjacent field Dalit store 9.7 tcf of recoverable resources of natural gas representing more than Israel consumption.

Therefore the full field development of Tamar and Dalit gas fields will convert Israel from the actual position of net importer to the future next porter player.

Since the additional production should be exported outside of Israel, there is no need anymore to transport the gas onshore for treatment if alternative solution might be viable.

In this context, a floating LNG (FLNG)solution would fit perfectly with the size and location of the Tamar and Dalit gas fields.

Daewoo Shipbuiling to lead Pangea LNG joint venture

To validate this option, Noble and its partners Isramco Negev, Delek and Dor Gas signed a contract with Pangea LNG B.V. to perform the FEED of a FLNG.

Registered in The Netherlands, Pangea LNG B.V. is a joint venture between:

 – Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME)

 – D and H Solutions, a joint venture between Daewoo and the Norwegian Hemla.

 – Next Decade International

This contract has the form of Cost Sharing Agreement (CSA) between Tamar joint venture partners and Levant LNG, a subsidiary of Pangea LNG BV.

According to the terms of the contract of costs sharing between the operator and the contractor, all the expenses exceeding $15 million will be supported by the contractor.

In this scenario, Tamar partners limit their risks and contribution, while Pangea LNG gets the incentive to propose a FEED as simple as possible.

Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering is producing series of LNG carriers and has already delivered 11 LNG regasification vessels

In addition DSME is building in consortium with Technip from France the Petronas FLNG.

With a capacity of 3 million t/y of LNG, Tamar FLNG fits perfectly with the medium size Daewoo home-made FLNG design.

Daewoo and it Pangea LNG partners are expected to complete their FEED work by mid 2013.

Based on Pangea LNG conclusions on the Tamar FLNG project, Noble and its partners, Isramco Negev, Delek group, and DorGas will make the final investment decision (FID) in following in 2013.

For more information and data about oil and gas and petrochemical projects go to Project Smart Explorer

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