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One Day – One Country: Mozambique

Mozambique Key Projects and Business Highlights

In 2012 Mozambique has emerged as a new star in the oil and gas universe with series of major discoveries in the Rovuma Basin, offshore the west coast of Africa.

Every month, companies like Anadarko, Eni, Total, Mitsui E&P were announcing successful test wells of natural gas.

All the appraisal campaigns to explore the Rovuma basin payed back more than expected showing that several blocks were in fact all connected together as belonging to giant reservoirs.

The successes of this exploration in Mozambique rang the bell for all majors to sign Farm-in agreements such as Total with Petronas or even triggered battles in stock exchange to take over mid-cap companies as we could see Shell and the Thailand national oil companies PTTEP competing to acquire Cove Energy.

Mozambique is well positioned to export to largest markets in Asia, so that conventional onshore Mozambique LNG projects are already challenged by floating LNG solutions.

On the coming years, companies like Anadarko, Eni, Mitsui, Total and new comers, such as ExxonMobil, Shell, Petronas, PTTEP will contribute to propel Mozambique among the key players of the LNG market.

Anadarko gears up on Mozambique LNG

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (Anadarko) and its partners Mitsui E&P, BPRL Ventures Mozambiques, Videocon Mozambique, PTTEP after acquiring Cove Energy, and Emprecia Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos (ENH), may propel Mozambique among the largest LNG exporting countries with Qatar and Australia with their MozambiqueLNG project.

With estimated $15 billion capital expenditure, Anadarko LNG project may change Mozambique status in a couple of years.

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Total signed Farm-in agreement with Petronas

The French international oil companyTotal and the Malaysian national oil company Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas) signed a Farm-in agreement on the Area 3 and Area 6 of the Rovuma basin in the Strait of Mozambique.

According to this agreement,Total will take 40% of the interests in the exploration and production concession contracts (EPCC) owned by Petronas in these blocks.

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Anadarko and Eni in talks about Mozambique LNG

Over the last months, the Houston based, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (Anadrako) and the Italian Eni multiplied natural gas discoveries on the east coast ofAfrica to the point that Mozambique could become the world third largest LNG exporterafter Qatar and Australia.

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Rovuma Basin smills at to ENI with Mamba discoveries

In October 2011, the Italian National oil Company ENI announced a first giant discoverywith the successful well appraisal in Namba South 1 within ENI’s concession Area 4, offshore Mozambique in the Rovuma Basin.

The Manba South 1 field is located in 1,585 meters depth, 40 km offshore the Cabo Delgado coast in theNortheastern part of the Mozambique Strait.

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Major Shell leaves Cover Energy to the National PTT

Last February, Shell Exploration and Production B.V.(Shell) had made an offer on  to take over Cove Energy (Cove), then the Thai National Oil Company (NOC), PTTEP came into the game with the counter offer.

After different bids, both companies maintained their conditions, Shell at $0.220 per share and PTTEP at $0.240 while Coves‘ shares were quoting significantly above these amounts in expecting new offers.

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