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Middle East Localization Services

We simplify you the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical market conquest


If the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industry is active all over the world, Middle East remains the global driver.

In addition the Middle East countries develop policies to give priority to the locally established companies.

In this context, Abu Dhabi  in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) appears as the preferred choice to open a local or regional office.


UAE_ Local_ServicesOur Offer

In cooperation with a local partner in the UAE, 2B1st Consulting is pleased to support you to:

 - Set up local business, company branch or representation, including with sole proprietorship

 - Proceed to Petroleum Council approval, Classification, Trade mark and logo registration, Visa issuance, Labor evaluation (skilled and  unskilled)

 - Benefit from local sponsorship or commercial agent

 - Arrange Local offices, Labor accommodations,  and transportation facilities


Our Expertise

With these Localization Services, 2B1st Consulting provides you with the most comprehensive support from the detection of the best business opportunities to the establishment of your company for:

 - Long term local or regional development

 - Temporary contracts or Project based business

Over the years we helped international companies to establish successfully a sustainable business in the UAE.


Our Methodology

In contact with Local Authorities, 2B1st Consulting and its local partner play a leading role in providing our customers with sponsorship and  guidance for starting their business.

With years of experience in the UAE and  100% customer satisfaction so far, we are committed to provide you with “Quick Services” for:

 - ACCURATE information

 - EFFICIENT services and solutions

 - UPDATED outstanding guidance


We simplify you the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical market conquest


“See beyond and Move first”
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