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Market Leadership

Profitability & Sustainability

OEMs – Manufacturers

The  Oil & Gas and Petrochemical market is huge, more than $500 billion capital expenditures (CAPEX) per year.

  • Permanently, 2000 projects  above $100 million (CAPEX) are  in progress in the World.
  • The growing size of the projects, the evolution of the requirements increase risks and complexity
  • The multiplication of joined ventures dilute the decisions between the key players along global supply chains.


In this environment, the challenge for the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is not to find opportunities, but to

  • Focus on key targets
  • Position its offering into the vendors lists
  • Trace and capture the business
  • Capitalize on successes.

Our Value Proposition

Build your Market Leadership

to be First to Detect, First to Trace, First to Capture Opportunities 

 Our Methodology

 To establish you a Profitable and Sustainable Growth by simple and key leading initiatives

  • See beyond and approach the market Demand side to generate quick win
  • Influence specifications for short track qualification
  • Play proactive all along the business opportunity pursuit to triple your hit rate
  • Adopt the good practices to double your customer loyalty and eliminate the "blacklist spectrum"

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