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Premier Oil to speed sail with Sea Lion offshore Faklands Islands

Houston Offshore to complete Sea Lion pre-FEED work

The Texas-based Houston Offshore Engineering (Houston Offshore) is currently completing the pre-front end engineering and design (pre-FEED) work for the Sea Lion project offshore the Falklands Islands to be developed by the UK companies Premier Oil plc (Premier Oil) and Rockhopper Exploration plc (Rockhopper).

The Sea Lion oil and gas discovery belongs to the production licences PL032 and PL033 in the North Falklands Basin approximately 200 kilometers north of the Falklands Islands.

Located in the South Atlantic, approximately 500 kilometers offshore Argentina coast line , the Falklands Islands is a constellation of more than 300 islands.

In 1998, the first wells were drilled in the North Falklands Islands Basin and indicated the presence of crude oil and natural gas reservoirs.

Premier-Oil_Rockhopper_Sea-Lion-Phase-1_TLP_FEED_MapBut the low barrels prices at that period of time and lack of infrastructures in the region could not make these first discoveries commercially viable.

In 2010, Rockhopper started the exploration of the North Falklands Basin after extensive 2D and 3D seismic survey and drilled the successful Sea lion exploratory well on the same year.

Lying by 450 meters of water depth, Sea Lion was registered as the first contingent oil and gas resources in the North Falklands Islands.

Out of the following ten exploratory and appraisal wells drilled by Rockhopper, seven hit crude oil, confirming potential upsides of the North Falklands Islands Basin.

In this positive context, Rockhopper agreed in July 2012 to farm-out Sea lion and to transfer operatorship to Premier Oil.

As a result of the farm-out agreement Premier Oil and Rockhopper  will share the working interests in such a way:

 – Premier Oil  60% is the operator

 – Rockhopper 40%

In taking the lead of the joint venture, Premier Oil geared up the development of the Sea Lion project in appointing Houston Offshore for the conceptual study.

Premier Oil to award FEED for Sea Lion Phase-1 TLP

According to the size of the of the oil and gas field and the distance between the production licences, Houston Offshore pre-FEED recommended to proceed in phases to develop Sea Lion.

With Sea Lion Phase-1, Premier Oil and Rockhopper  would focus on the north of the Sea Lion field and would install the main production infrastructures.

Premier-Oil_Rockhopper_Sea-Lion-Phase-1_TLP_FEEDThis first phase of the Sea Lion Project should require an investment of $5.2 billion capital expenditure including:

 – $1.7 billion for the drilling operations

 – $3.5 billion for the production assets

For this Sea Lion Phase-1 the first studied concept of the pre-FEED was based on a conventional solution using a floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel.

But the corresponding costs estimates led Premier Oil and Rockhopper to look for alternative solutions.

Considering the 450 meters of water depth, Premier Oil and Rockhopper turned their attention on a tension legs platform (TLP).

But with the topsides to weight 48,000 tonnes, Premier Oil is preparing the build one of the largest TLP in the world.

Willing to speed sail on the Sea Lion Phase-1 project Premier Oil and Rockhopper should award the front end engineering and design (FEED) on mid-2014 in order to start first production in North Falklands Islands Basin by 2018.

For more information and data about oil and gas and petrochemical projects go to Project Smart Explorer

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