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Qapco Mesaieed Ethylene Expansion Awarded

Qatar Petrochemical Company (Qapco) awarded the Taiwanese CTCI two EPC contracts for the expansion and up-grade of its ethylene production facility in Mesaieed Industrial City.

Phase 1 will include the installation of new furnaces and an ethylene storage tank with the latest technologies to meet the state-of-art of the environmental requirements.

The contract for this Phase 1 is signed on a base of $165.9 million but is opened to additional  $48.3 million for optional requirements costing. The total investment would then jump to $214.2 million

In this Phase 1 CTCI will introduce the latest technology in combustion, waste control and on-line monitoring to reduce significantly the fuel consumption and the NOx emissions to the air. By recycling the coke inside the furnaces, Qapco will prevent soil and air contamination, reduce harmful waste and improve productivity.

In that respect, this investment will be a milestone in environment preservation and safety reinforcement in the Mesaieed Industrial City.

Phase 2 of the project is estimated to cost $550 million to increase the overall production of ethylene from the actual 720,000 t/y to reach between 950,000 t/y and 1 million t/y. In February 2011 Shaw had been awarded the FEED. This second phase is still under study by Qapco.

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