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Sofware as a Service – SaaS


SaaS - Cloud ComputingSoftware-as-a-Service (shorten as SaaS) is a distribution model for softwares, for which the producer offers clients the opportunity to use the solution he is fully hosting, from the servers to the application.

On one side the producer runs and preserves the ownership of its software, while on the other side, the consummer can instantly employ the solution without any configuration.

The SaaS value proposition’s advantage is to fill the gap between the product, in this case the software, and the customer experience, which requires the software to be installed, accessible and operating.



SaaS solutions can create value quickly for clients as barriers of use are really low. Most of the time, IT services don’t even need to be involve before adoption, as the software is not  installed on any hardware and does not require developments to be connected to internal tools.

Hosted online, meaning accessible everywhere in the world with any device, the SaaS solution is deployed immediatly and does not bear maintenance cost. Even better, by staying into its producer’s hands, the software will be maintained and updated all its lifecycle at no additionnal costs.

Not to be confused with Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service which refers to technology bricks that need some developments to be integrated into companies’ ecosystem, Software-as-a-Service is all-inclusive and goes further in the managed service, as the consummer doesn’t have to deal with the back-office and only witnesses the machinery happening.

Offering a maximum of flexibility and enabling quick-wins to users, we decided to adapt our offering to the SaaS mode. Thus you can now play collaborative with Industrie 4.0 Smart Platform® into its SaaS declination and start your digital transformation.




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