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Definition: “Rubber” is the common name given to Styrene Butadiene or Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR).  Comments: Produced out of the butadiene, the C4 Olefins family, either by fraction distillation in refinery either as byproducts of the Ethylene in the steam cracker, the Rubber is mostly used because of its adhesive performances for […]

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The $5 billion Honan Ethylene Cracker will be in Indonesia

Honan Petrochemical Corp. has signed a MOU with Krakatau Steel for a land in Cilegon, Indonesia to build a new naphtha cracker and downstream units. The feasibility study of the project has started and would include: 1 million t/y Ethylene 550,000 t/y Propylene 600,000 t/y Polyethylene (PE) 600,000 t/y Polypropylene […]

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Definition: “Olefin” is the common name given by the “Petrochemical” industry  to the Alkene chemical products. The “Olefins” are classified in two families, the: “Monoolefins“, such as the “Ethylene” and “Propylene“ “Diolefins“, such as the “Butadiene” and the “Isoprene“ Comments: As we can see from the diagram above, the “Olefins” may […]

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