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Shell, Technip and Samsung to extend cooperation in Floating LNG

Shell and Technip Samsung Consortium closed deal December 13th, 2012, Shell Gas & Power Developments B.V. (Shell) , Technip and Samsung Heavy Industries (Samsung) signed a Heads of Agreement (HOA) to strengthen their cooperation in the floating liquefaction of natural gas (FLNG) facilities. Since 2009, Technip and Samsung cooperate together on the Shell […]

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Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) in brief

Global Leader Hyundai Group was established in 1947 as a construction company and moved into shipbuilding only in 1970 with an order for two crude tankers while the shipyard was not yet existing. In 1972, Hyundai started to build a shipyard in Dusan and two years later, in 1974, the […]

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Drilling Charter

Definition Drilling charter refers to the decision of an operator to lease or hire the drilling rigs instead of using its own ones. The service company renting its drilling rig to an operator is called the charterer. Comments In the past each operating company used to have their own drilling […]

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Definition: “Drillship” are ships designed to drill.  Comments: These drillships are specially designed to perform drilling operations in deep-sea locations. A typical drillship will have, in addition to all of the equipment normally found on a large ocean ship, a drilling platform and derrick located on the middle of its deck. In addition, drillships contain […]

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