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KBR deploys its methanol-to-olefin recovery technology in China

Jiutai selects KBR for Ordos MTO recovery project Jiutai Energy Group (Jiutai) selected KBR‘s technology for a methanol-to-olefins (MTO) recovery project in Ordos, in Inner Mongolia Province, China. State owned company based in Luozhuang Industry Park of Linyi High-Tech Industry Development Zone in southern Shandong Province, eastern China, Jiutai was […]

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Total joins KPC and Sinopec JV for the $9 Bn Zhanjiang Refinery & PC

Total joins Kuwait Petroleum Corp. (KPC) represented by its wholly-owned subsidiaries Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI) and Petrochemicals Industries Co. (PIC) in the Joined Venture with Sinopec for this $9 billion “Refinery” and “Petrochemical” complex at Zhanjiang, in China’s southern Guangdong province. In fact Total took the opportunity to substitute Shell […]

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China kicks off its shale gas development program

After benchmarking the USA who should become a net gas exporter in 2012 for the first time in their history, China has learnt the lesson very fast and decided to develop their reserves of shale gas on fast track to reduce their energy dependency.  The fact is that China hosts 19% of […]

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