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Total gears up in UK North Sea Laggan-Tormore

Total to develop West Shetland Tormore Oil Rim project

The French international oil company (IOC) Total SA (Total) and its partner DONG Energy A/S (DONG) from Denmark are considering to develop the crude oil field discovered in rim of the Laggan-Tormore gas fields offshore West Shetland in the UK North Sea.

Through its Laggan-Tormore gas field ongoing project, Total is establishing the hub to develop untapped oil and gas resources further north offshore in the UK North Sea but nonviable commercially because of the lack of infrastructures to carry out these resources back to the nearest central treatment facilities.

Total_Tormore-Oil-Rim_MapIdentified as potential gas and condensate potential reserves, the Laggan and Tormore fields lay by 600 meters of water depth approximately 140 kilometers northwest the Shetland Islands at the limit of the UK Continental Shelf.

In 1986, Shell discovered the Laggan gas field in the Block 206/2-2 that remained untapped because of its challenging location and and high content of hydrates without available technologies for commercial operations.

Then in 2007, the next Block 205/5a revealed the liquid-rich Tormore gas field by 4,000 total depth.

Adding both discoveries, Total could estimate the proven resources for a Laggan-Tormore development to 4 billion barrels of oil equivalent in gas and condensate.

Tormore being located along the limit of the UK North Sea Continental Shelf, Total discovered on second quarter 2013 an unexpected crude oil rim in the gas field.

Still under exploration, Total and DONG estimate this Tormore oil rim to hold reserves exceeding 100 million barrels of crude oil.

Total and DONG phase Laggan-Tormore development

This series of discoveries confirmed Total and its partner DONG all the potential they can expect from this undeveloped region of the UK North  Sea.

In Laggan-Tormore Total and DONG share the working interests in the such way as:

 – Total 80% is the operator

 – DONG 20%

In this perspective, Total set the plan to phase up the Laggan-Tormore exploration and production.

Total_Tormore-Oil-Rim_ProjectIn 2009, Total made the final investment decision for a $5.5 billion capital expenditure phase-1 with the Laggan-Tormore project nearly completed now.

Developed without surface structures Laggan-Tormore first phase includes tie-back from subsea wells in both fields directly to shore through 30-inch gas and condensate pipeline.

On Shetland Islands, Total buids a gas central processing facility (CPF) at Orka Voe with 500 million cubic feet per day (cf/d) capacity.

Using the most advanced subsea technologies to operate such complex field all from the sea bed and transport the gas and condensate on that long distance to shore, Total is willing to speed up the development of the next phases.

Since the Tormore oil rim discovery came up as good surprise, Total and its partner DONG are already working on the front end engineering and design (FEED) of the Tormore Oil project as the Laggan-Tormore phase-2.

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