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VFA stands for Vinylformamide or n-Vinylformamide.

Vinylformamide may also be named n-ethenyl-formamide or SR-497 


After polymerization and subsequent hydrolysis N-Vinylformamide (VFA) introduces a primary amine into a polymer, which can be used for cationically charged polymers or crosslinking with e.g. epoxides.

Vinylformamide (VFA) is an important feedstock for water soluble, cationic polymers.

These materials are used in the paper industry to increase the efficiency of the production process.

Especially the VFA-based, polyvinylamine (PVAm) product line allows paper manufacturers to produce more environmentally friendly and considerably lower their costs.

Paper chemicals such as Vinylformamide help to optimize the costs of the paper process and machine efficiency through functional chemicals that give paper specific properties to performance chemicals that improve the appearance and performance of printed paper and board.

Under the form of Poly-N-vinylformamide or PNVF, Vinylformamide derivative may be used for biomedical applications as a drag-reducing polymer.

The synthesis and characterization of high molecular weight PNVF, significantly reduces resistance to turbulent flow in a pipe.

The mechanical degradation PNVF is much slower than that of the most commonly used polyethylene oxide (PO).

PNVF is known to have no toxicity, making it a promising candidate for biomedical applications

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