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first to Capture opportunities

-----"See beyond, move first"----- Welcome to 2B1st Consulting. Our goal is to facilitate your digital transition in the energy sector. 2B1st Consulting combines Industrie 4.0 specialists and experts from energy industries such as Oil & Gas and Petrochemical to develop digital applications to boost business development and collaborative innovation. Since 2012 the success of our solutions is based on simplicity and agility.                  ---“See Beyond”--- refers to your agility to detect best opportunities, play proactive and increase hit rate with our projects pursuit tool:  - www.projectsmartexplorer.com -  ---“Move First”--- encourages your innovative agility to convert business opportunities and POCs into value creation at low risks with our collaborative tool:                     -- Industrie 4.0 Smart Platform -- Our digital expertise enhances your agility with accurate vision for business development and efficient tools & processes for collaborative innovation to:              -----"See beyond, move first"-----

The First Online & Smart pursuit tool

for the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical projects.

GDPR - Amnesty period is over

Jul. 17 - 2019

1 year later GDPR introduction - A warm-up for fining On the first 9 months of application of GDPR, since its...

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Market is Doubling, and You?

Jul. 10 - 2019

Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals Market is Doubling On the first six months of 2019, the volume of business opportunities in...

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Happy New Year 2019

Jan. 07 - 2019

Game Changers lead Oil & Gas and Petrochemical As every year, we expect that our message will find you well and 2B1st Consulting wish...

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