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TPC in good progress to restart Butadiene and Isobutylene facilities

The TPC Group is a leader in C4 and C3 hydrocarbons operating world scale dehydrogenation facilities .  Processing 30-40% of the CC4 in North America, TPC has multiple units to extract and produce Butadiene at Houston and Port Neches operating facilities.

The company declared to “move forward” with studies to restart two idled production units of on-purpose Butadiene and Isobutylene to produce;

  • 300 000 t/y (650 000 lbs/y) of Isobutylene
  • 272 000 t/y (600 000 lbs/y) of on-purpose  Butadiene 

 The project includes also a production unit of Oxo-d in Houston but capacity is not yet known.

These facilities will use Butane gas as feedstock and should benefit from the new competitivity of the natural gas market

The engineering has now started so that the completion is due in 2014.

For more information and data about oil and gas and petrochemical projects go to Project Smart Explorer

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